“As a kid growing up in the Texas valley, I listened to the rock stuff my older brothers listened to; Foreigner, Queen, Billy Squire, Styx and ZZ Top.  I loved the Eagles and discovered them on my own.  I was just mesmerized by their harmonies and the drive of their guitars.  I also loved Billy Joel and, of course, Willie Nelson.  I did turn away from singing for a while, when my voice changed, but I was ready to roll again the first time I heard Vern Gosdin’s “Set ‘Em Up Joe” .  That song made me start seriously listening to different kinds of music.  I fell in love with songs by Charlie Daniels, Johnny Rodriquez, George Strait and Garth.  I always felt if I had the opportunity, that’s what I wanted to do”.

The path to the stage, for this Weslaco, Texas native, however, did have its fair share of distractions. He’s sold shoes, driven trucks, wrapped newspapers, mowed lawns and now spends his time away from the stage as a registered nurse. “I’ve had so many jobs, but I’ve just never felt more at home than I do when I am in front of an audience.”   When he’s not on the road, you’ll still find him playing  dance halls in South Texas.

“I finally started my own band and had some local success, but until I met another Weslaco native, Johnny Garcia (guitarist for Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood), I really didn’t know what to do with my music, recalls Roy. “His guidance was exactly what I needed to get going in the right direction. Garcia produced Roy’s first two singles, “Tailgate Party” and “Corpus Christi” and  produced Roy’s album,  titled Heartbreak Roulette and latest single .
With “Cowgirl Alright” on radio’s desk, this Texas boy can finally catch his breath, “We all need to kick back, like it says in the song—who cares if there’s bait on the hook or if we catch anything? For me, there’s nothing better than hanging out with my buddies on South Padre Island or taking a walk on the beach with my beautiful wife.  Relaxing is really hard for some people.  My advice?  Be comfortable in your own boots and take time to enjoy the blessings in your life.  I am”.  

Roy Solis

is a positive guy.  Kicked back in a lawn chair on a South Texas riverbank, he laughs as he thinks back over the past couple of years and the ups and downs navigating the music business.  As he prepares for his current release, “Cowgirl Alright” he’s even more positive. “Cowgirl Alright” celebrates a common theme in a lot of Roy’s music:  life’s short, find the time to enjoy it.  


Although Roy has taken the stage with the likes of, Josh Abbott, Kevin Fowler and Reckless Kelly, his musical journey began back in grade school.  “In the fifth grade I was in a talent contest and sang “Your Love” by the Outfield.   I came in second, he laughs, to a baton twirler!  But the positive feedback I got from my teacher made me feel like I had won and I was hooked”.